9 Unorthodox homes in the world

9 Unorthodox homes in the world

  • Post published:March 17, 2020
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With due research, we bring to you 9 unorthodox homes in the world. Enjoy!

Architect Frank Lloyd Wright (1867–1959) conceived this remote Allegheny Mountain getaway in 1935 for Pittsburgh department-store magnate Edgar J. Kaufmann Sr. and his wife, Liliane. Completed four years later and opened as a museum in 1964, the evocatively named Fallingwater is a dynamic three-story domestic sculpture, composed of intersecting sandstone, glass, and reinforced-concrete planes that spring out of a rock ledge and are graced with great terraces cantilevered over a natural waterfall.

Credit: AD

Humble cardboard has been the unorthodox material of choice for Pritzker-winning architect Shigeru Ban, who’s already built a cathedralpavilion, and hut from the stuff. It’s also the premise of a new micro home venture from Amsterdam-based design studio Fiction Factory.

Launched last year after years of development, the Wikkelhouse is constructed from wrapping 24 layers of high-strength cardboard around a gable-house-shaped mold (“wikkel” means “wrapper” in Dutch.) The resulting structure, which is completely recyclable and expected to last 100 years, is then topped with a waterproof coating and wood paneling.

Credit: CURBED

Believe it or not, the playful and somewhat unorthodox Hill House arose from the need to overcome lack of access to the sun.

Residing in a very narrow lot in a northern suburb of Melbourne, Andrew Maynard Architects overcame solar access constraints by converting what was once a flat lot into an ingenious, distinctive and adventurous landscape.

Hill House is home to a family of five and it’s orientation and placement on a manufactured synthetic hill allows its inhabitants to enjoy the sun all year round.

Credit: trendland

The architect delights in playing with scale, as seen in projects that include a nearly all-glass house on Long Island Sound.

Credit: dujour

Location: India

Credit: thearchitectsdiary

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