We are an online news and book publishing company that also provides an advertising and self-publishing platform for writers in all niches. We offer people a visionary platform to interact with information, promote events and publish information in a justified, and accurate manner and medium in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


We aim to be a fair and trustworthy partner to Authors/Writers and a straightforward source of local and international information with advertising content that is useful to the readers we serve.


A.T Marstein Books and News is a company setup initially on the 31st of November, 2019 but became registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission on the 19th of October, 2020 with the RC number: 3221462.

A.T Marstein Books and News was setup to produce the publish and circulation of transparent, fair and trustworthy news in the entirety of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the world at large through its brand, Marstein News.

A.T Marstein Books and News is also a book publishing website (eBook and Prints) which was setup to improve literary publication in the age of technology at no cost and stress free medium through its brand, Marstein Books.

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