Arsene wenger conceive that Mikel arteta can lead arsenal to premier league tittle.

Arsene wenger conceive that Mikel arteta can lead arsenal to premier league tittle.

  • Post published:October 14, 2020
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Biodun Bakare

Legendary Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger conceived that  Mikel Arteta can lead the Arsenal to the Premier League title.


Wenger believes Arteta has enough quality in his squad to end the club’s 16-year wait for the title


Wenger said at a special event for Sky VIP customers on Monday. “I genuinely believe yes, because he looks to have a good grip on the team,”


“They follow well, they are with him. We have bought well, spent a lot of money in the last two years. Suddenly we discovered huge resources – that was quite surprising.


“I think he has the quantity and quality of players, yes we can go for it. Why not?”


Arsene Wenger who is yet to return to the Emirates since the end of the 2017- 18 season when he   stepped down as manager at  and he mentioned that  his not sure when he will visit the club.


“It’s not painful. I felt that it was better to take a complete distance with the club and let people get on with it,” he said.


When asked how long it would be before he returned to the north London club, Wenger added: “I don’t know but I don’t rule it out.


“It’s still my club, it’s still my love. I still suffer when we don’t do well and I’m happy when we do well.


“When I speak about Arsenal it’s still ‘we, we, we, we’.”


Wenger also  believes action must be employed  to protect the futures of smaller clubs.


“If nothing happens, the smaller clubs will die. I don’t think that one payment will sort out the problem. The problem is much deeper than that,” he added .


Wenger believes the bigger Premier League teams must be prepared to share more money to protect the future of smaller clubs.


“The money certainly has to be shared, the income of the top clubs has to be shared a fraction more with the smaller clubs.”


When asked if he supported the proposals, including the abolition of the EFL Cup and a reduction in the number of Premier League teams, Wenger added: “I think that you cannot ignore completely the tradition inside the country.


“Because the project comes from outside owners it will create a reluctance and a negative approach.


“Overall the solution has to come from the federation, from the government, from the Premier League – to find a compromise to sort out the problems that already existed before coronavirus”.




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