Broken Beyond Repair by Temi

Broken Beyond Repair by Temi

  • Post published:December 26, 2019
  • Post category:Poetry


I try not to think about it

Memories locked away, resurfaced

Memories that makes one itch for veageance

The feeling of being used…

How I cried for help but no one to hear my cries…

My struggle to free myself from the upcoming doom

I can still feel his heat on my body

His smoke filled breath on my face

His filthy hands roaming my body

Remembering makes me hate my body

scrubbing my body till it bleeds..

Finding peace in the pain…

He told me he was doing me a favour

He was helping me be a real woman

I remember every details…everything

The colour of my virgin blood on his manhood

…his trousers

my scream of pain..

My dignity taken away

His threats

I get sleepless nights…


I thought he loved me

We were lovers for heavens sake

I have carried this hurt, this burden for years

No one to tell

No one would believe nor understand

Now he lives his life like he never hurt anyone

Never ruined an innocent girls life

I have scars..

Scars that remind me of where I am coming from

Scars that remind of my past

Now I thirst for his blood

My spirit seeks for revenge

Am a living monster

snapping at any guy that dares comes close

Everyone thinks am mad

The crazy, lonely lady living a block away

I promise you…I am coming for you

If by chance, someone sees this note

Please don’t judge me

I am just a broken girl…

Author :TEMI


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