Caravan Shop

Caravan Shop

  • Post published:January 8, 2020
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A caravan is typically a vehicle well designed and highly equipped for living in. It is a vehicle that has no engine but can be towed by a car or van. It has in it cooking materials, beds and other necessary things required to be used during holidays or tours. 

A Caravan Shop is a building or part of a building where caravan accessories, equipment, and all caravan parts and spare are being sold… The Caravan Shop has a wide variety of static caravan accessories, touring caravan parts and motor home spares, as well as outdoor furniture and accessories all, meant for the individual’s convenience. A caravan shop has all these items found in it, broken down into convenient categories in order to help you find what you are looking for with ease and less time.

Some of the products found in a caravan shop include:

Caravan steps: caravan steps are accessories that help with easy access to and from your caravan, It may be bolted to the caravan or free-standing and moveable. Also, smaller single steps or double steps are available for touring caravans. The steps are of various colors and sizes designed to help match your van and its location,

Storage units: they are meant to keep things safe and protected. They range from caravan storage boxes, garden storage units, gas storage units, and bike storage units providing the perfect storage solution for your outdoor furniture and accessories at your static caravan or at home in your garden.

Spinflo Appliances and Appliance Spares: Most of the caravans produced nowadays are being sold with spinflo appliances as standard, but over time these may need to be replaced or spare parts may be needed. Spinflo appliances include fridges or freezers, cookers, and hobs.

Portable satellite kit: Even though some people may head off on a caravan trip for some quiet time, it is also nice to have a source of entertainment. A portable satellite kit has a simple aerial, digital receiver, a satellite bracket, and a telescopic pole.

Hitch Lock: A hitch lock is a device that prevents someone from hitching up your parked caravan and simply towing it away, therefore it can hinder the plans of potential thieves. It is designed to ensure the security of your caravan. Therefore, it is important to invest in a hitch lock. Once the hitch of your caravan is locked, then you need not worry about anyone taking it. Feel free to leave the vicinity and make the most out of your trip.

Mains Lead: Definitely, to connect to an electricity source at a caravan park or camping site, one will need a mains lead. It is better to invest in a 25-meter mains lead rather than just a 10-meter lead, as one can then ensure that he is always can reach the electricity source.

1.           Portable toilets: While most campsites provide toilet facilities, you or one of your passengers may likely need to use the toilet facilities in your caravan at some stage of your trip. Most modern caravans have flushing chemical toilets on board. Chemicals such as AQUAKEMPREMIUM BLUE 

2. And AQUA RINSE PLUS, are usually added to the flushing water or to a separate tank to ensure that waste is dissolved efficiently. For those caravans without a toilet, a portable toilet can be purchased. It is odorless and leak-proof, Portable toilets are available in a variety of sizes, all ideal for camping and caravanning use. Portable potties are the ideal solution if you are not near water sanitation or drainage. Also, there is no need for any plumbing.

Author: Malle Richard Shekwolo


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