Corona Visited, A Poem

Corona Visited, A Poem

  • Post published:May 31, 2020
  • Post category:Poetry

As rain blown along Earth’s fields,
Shadow over the world came down,
The Moon disappeared behind a cloud,
Leaving the masses uncomfortable like fish out of water.

Oh Corona! What have we done to thee?
What is it that we owed you?
You come with such power,
To blow down the so-called super powers.

Locked in our houses,
Hunger ate deep into our flesh,
Left a plague in our land,
Moved us into chaos,
We’re left with only crying hearts,
We’re left with the cry of hungry stomachs.

With dim stars and dull planets,
Sickness spreads far and high,
Turned our laughter into a bitter-sweet medicine,
Made life taste like a beautiful sorrow.

Sowed poverty instead of prosperity,
We’ve all been diagnosed with money sickness,
We’re all confined in a dark hole,
It’s been a long time since we’ve free movement,
Restrictions here and there.

The land itself is rotten,
Farms are left with no one to cultivate them,
Schools with dusty chairs and bookshelves,
The masses made stale,
Of our God-given land of honour.

We had strength to labour and souls to reason,
Seeds to scatter and fruits to reap,
Yet Corona came and inflicted us with darkness,
The bravest and fairest are now calm and obeying.

As it journeyed with winds,
Destroying all our weaved dream,
Shall we carve success or record disaster?
All days dazzled eyes to tears.

Who knows if there is rest and peace above?
There is little hope and comfort here below,
Laugh and scoff while you may,
Kneel, pray and weep,
Oh Father! Let this green land bloom again,
Let her thriving be our gain.

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