Few Rice Recipes you should try during this lockdown!

Few Rice Recipes you should try during this lockdown!

  • Post published:April 18, 2020
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Across the nation, Rice still remains one of the staple foods consumed by the old and the young, Rich and the average class people and almost all homes.

Did I hear you say you consume Rice almost every day?

Me too!

So I took my time to write out few rice dishes you can try!

Luckily we are all locked down so you will have enough time to explore your cooking skills. Here are the Rice Recipes:


Originally from Asia, Nigerians have successfully created their own version of coconut rice using coconut milk instead of water. Nigerian coconut rice is eaten with different types of meat, fish, plantain, and salad. This is a delicious dish with a tropical taste.


This dish is commonly eaten in various homes across the nation.

This recipe ingredients are cheap and could be right there in your kitchen.

You need Pepper, Onions, Groundnut oil, Spices, Raw rice, and a few other ingredients to prepare this meal.

You can have your party jollof rice in your home!


Hands up if you love the Rice and Beans Combo!

Have your Rice and Beans combo with any soup/sauce of your choice.

It is yummy!


One of my lecturer once said this meal is highly nutritious!

Here is why, this dish is a rice and vegetable stir fry made with parboiled rice, vegetable Oil, Carrot, Sweet corn, peas, some other vegetables depending on your choice and bits of Cow Liver and Kidney!

It is served with chicken, fish or beef and sometimes with Coleslaw!

Yummy and Nutritious!


I have been eating this meal since I was six or seven!

It is a Ghanaian meal but luckily my mum cooks it here in Nigeria and we all love it!

It is a dish of cooked rice and beans.

It is cooked with an indigenous leaf(Sorghum leaf sheaths), The Yorubas call it Poporo Oka.

We eat with with Shito (black spicy sauce),spaghetti and any meat choice.


Cooking this rice produces a foul smell but trust me after tasting it, you will surely crave for more.

Boil some Ofada Rice and try it with the Ayamase sauce!

And you will surely thank me for it!

Dear Reader,

If you are a foodie like me, Trust me you would enjoy each and every of the dish I had just written about.

Right during this lockdown and Afterwards!

Eating Healthy is essential!


                            In Love and Health!

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