Forgive, Forget, Both or None.

Forgive, Forget, Both or None.

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I hear some things and I try to think

Is it possible to act like this?

My mom once told me forgive and forget

That was when my sister hit my head

I waited two weeks I hatched my plan

I waited for the perfect time to execute my attack

During this time we played and laughed

I almost convinced myself I had forgiven her

Then the time came she pushed my chest

Oh it’s time to fulfil my quest

Four hours later my mum was back

What happened here?, who made you cry

It was him! My sister pointed her hands

But you hit my head too! I quickly replied

Forgive and forget my mum scolded

Ten lashes with my father’s belt

Now I wonder I did forgive

The only thing was I couldn’t forget

I am human how could I forget

My head was sore from the pain I felt

Later in life I reminisced the thought

Is it possible to forgive and forget?

After many lessons in the school of thought

I discovered the solution I always sought

Forgiveness is cool and all

But don’t forget the crime

Don’t forget the hurt

Don’t try at all to cover the deed

Just forgive and remember you did

Because when you forgive you will always remember the pain

The best therapy is to never forget you forgave.                             By Ajide Faithful


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