Fostering your relationship with Siblings and Family

Fostering your relationship with Siblings and Family


The one who severs the ties of kinship will not enter Paradise”

       -The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings upon him)


How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in Unity!

-Psalm 133:1


What does family mean to you?

Have you been away from your family for so long and you don’t know how best to reunite?

Family for me is anyone related to me by Blood, Marriage, or Adoption!

Your Family includes your Parents, Siblings, Your Wife, Your Husband, Your Children, Cousins, aunties and Uncles, Nephews and Nieces, Your House helps, Your Cousins as well as your Grandparents!

These people are your dearest people!

I am here to discuss a few things that can help foster your relationships with them!


  1. Eat Together.

This is the easiest way to bond with your family!

Food is Before Anything Else!

My family and I eat on the Dining Table together!

My Siblings and I, We sometimes eat from the same plate!

Most especially Dinner…No hate Zones! It’s Nothing but Deep Love!

Here, We are patient with one another, Someone brings the food, another brings the drinking water; Someone carries the plate to the kitchen while we are done.

When you eat together, No matter how hard you try you will find yourself getting involved in one another.

Passing salt to the other, sharing the same cup of water.

Somehow you are fostering your relationship with one another!

If you aren’t living under the same roof, It is okay to have Lunch at a restaurant, You two can talk after Lunch and Bond!


  1. Pray Together and for each other!

I grew up in a Muslim Home!

We grew up saying our morning Solats together.

After Solat, We say our Morning Adhkars and then we pray in Words!

From the Youngest to the Oldest member of the family!

While away from my family,  This is one of the activities I miss so much!

We pray for each other, Our Friends, Loved ones, The extended Family.

We extend prayers to our teachers at School and Clerics in the Mosque, to the Government, The Nation, and The World!

We pray for the Young, Old, Pregnant women, Sick, and this strengthens our Love!

I have had the opportunity to visit a strong Christian Home as a child and even as I grow,

and I have noticed that early morning and late-night devotion are keys to fostering relationships with our family!

While away from my family, I still send them prayers too and they pray for me too!

I implore you to do this!


  1. Forgive Each other!

My immediate Sister and I are very close in age, we grew up together like twins so we fought a lot about very little things!

We would fight and fight but we always forgave each other.

Today, We still argue on little things but not for long!

I see my other siblings fight too and they forgive each other!

Your family is Everything!

You can’t do without them!… You are bound to have little misunderstandings but clear it out, forgive and let go!

Not just your siblings, this includes your Parents, your Cousins, your Nephews, and Nieces as well as every member of your extended family!

If your Uncle didn’t check up on you since the last time you were on your sickbed despite being informed about your Illness, It is okay!

Put a call through and Let him know how you feel!


It is good for your health because You would have nothing to worry about!


  1. Respect Everyone!

Why should I respect everyone?

Look Our Fingers are not Equal and Yes Respect is reciprocal.

I know some families who think referring to the older ones as Auntyy or Brodaa means all the respect in the world!


You might be respecting that person that way but it means you should also give due honour to whom honour is due to!

You should know how to talk to your Elder ones and know how to speak to your little ones too!

Just give respect to who deserves it!


  1. Communicate!

Communication is one of the most important keys to fostering any relationship!

I am not a very vocal Person!

As much as I overlook a lot of things, I can’t keep my mouth shut in some situations!

I tend to speak out and let you know how I feel about what you are doing to me!

Or the situation at Hand!

Speak out!

I am not saying you should talk anyhow but try to make them understand your view!


Check up on one another too!

But I see my parents every day……It is okay to ask questions like “How are you doing really?”

This Question means how is their health, Finances, School life, their relationships with other family members and friends, their spirituality too!

When you are away from each other, always call home not just when you need something from them, put a call to your grandparents, your cousins, your uncles, and aunties!

Share Knowledge with them!

Text and Chat them up!

You could make it on Sundays!

Just do consistent things!

Strengthen Family ties via group chats, do Zoom Calls!

Remember that little things counts!


  1. Be Thankful for them!

Stop to thank God for them every day!

Make it a habit to thank God for your parents, Siblings, Cousins, Nieces and Nephews, Your Wife, Your Husband, Step Brother/Sister, Step Mother /Father, and Every member of your family!

Remember there is always something to be thankful for!


  1. Exchange Gifts and Celebrate each other!

Exchanging gifts strengthens your love for each other!

To know me is to know that I keep dates to heart!

I remember Birthdays, Wedding Anniversaries, School Graduations!


I love to Celebrate Everyone around me!

And I do it with gifts, Words of Affirmations and Even A hug!

I write long epistles telling them how much I love them and How much I am proud of them!

Be Happy for everyone!

Celebrate them!

Tables turn!….and someday when it turns to you, Your Family will Celebrate you too!



Be there for everyone!

After God, let your Family be next!

So when you’re old, You wouldn’t just have money in the bank plus a heart full of regrets but a heart filled with gratitude and a family that loves you simply because you were there for them when you were young and when they needed you!


I hope this changes your view on How Beautiful Family Ties is!

I wish that you are rich in Money, Rich in good Health, and rich in Good Relationships!

Thank you so much for reading this!

I am able to write because you would read!



                      In Love and Peace,


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