Kill that fear; feed your confidence
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Kill that fear; feed your confidence

  • Post published:January 30, 2020
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“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. We ask ourselves who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous, actually who are you not to be. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same.”

                                                                                                      -Akeelah and the bee

I know you read the quoted words already, do me the favor of going back to read again. Now, read it slowly, carefully and thoughtfully. Thank you.

Come to think of it, who are you not to be talented, brilliant, gorgeous or fabulous? Talented is not created for a special being, or for a particular person or for that top student in your class. You’d always think, Nah, I can’t be fabulous, and who am I to be talented? Do you know why we limit ourselves with such thoughts? It is because of the four letters word known as ‘FEAR’

Someone defined fear as ‘false experience appearing real’. Fear clouds the vision, shut ones’ eyes and paralyzes when you’re trying to find some hope. This monster’s fear kills more dreams than failure or depression. Fear births worry, worry keep you in the cage of fear. “What if?” this question has held people back and from observation, the question comes when you’re scared.

‘What if I gain admission and do not graduate?’

‘What if I answer the question, and I’m wrong?’

‘What if I am traveling and there’s an accident?’

My dear, leave the ‘what if’s?’ and try, try first before concluding. You drew out your conclusion because you gave attention only to the negative aspect, then, you conclude. There’s a flip side of the coin, you didn’t think or imagine the positive aspect of it. What if you answered that question and you were right? Winks…

Life itself is a risk, you take risks and you are in this one already, you just got to face it. You won’t know how good, talented, fabulous, amazing you are until you get out of your cage and do something. Nothing, I repeat, nothing is easy, and it is always meant to be hard. Good things don’t come easy. If it comes easy, most times it won’t last. Break down the question marks before these questions break and weigh you down. Fear adds no value, rather it takes the best of you.

Overcoming fear is a gradual process, it doesn’t happen in a day and it’s a conscious, deliberate effort you need to make. The first step to take in overcoming fear is to realize that you have a problem, I will call it the fear syndrome. Until you realize, then, you can be helped.

To overcome fear, you have to be brave, stronger and bolder, even if you are fearful, don’t show it. You know what? What you’re scared of is scared of you. Yes! Fear itself is scared of you, it comes like it has power, but no, it is so empty, so powerless. Scare what is scaring you! When fear sees that you’re not scared when it visits, then it let go of you.

No one was born a superhuman, but you can be one if you starve your fears, kill it and feed your confidence. Fear continues to breed and thrive because you’ve fed it for too long.

Another way to overcome your fears is by leaving your comfort zone. Stop hiding and try. Fear won’t come and meet you in your comfortable space, it will come when you’re out, to put you to shame, however, give fear no breathing space. Fear will hold you back after you’ve given your permission. Fear has held you back for many years, you’ve got to be free.

Then, you pray to God, God does His part, you do your part. You read books that will help you kill that fear and boost your confidence, consult people who has been there before and seek their help, talk to your mentors, engage in things that will help you break fear, relate, interact with people, be free with people, not always you being on your own, be happy with and for people, but most importantly, be happy with yourself. Don’t look for happiness when you’ve got all it takes to create it. Love yourself enough to know you’re not perfect, give yourself a good treat, don’t be hard on yourself, you also deserve the best.

You, yes, you! Can be talented, fabulous, gorgeous and brilliant, just kill what’s holding you back- FEAR.

I was a victim too, I overcame fear.           

Adeleke Mayowa Esther

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