LUMI- Ariyo Opeyemi

LUMI- Ariyo Opeyemi

  • Post published:January 2, 2020
  • Post category:AWWC / Poetry
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Love indeed is pain.
The same love that caused me pain.
Its back to soothe me
Is it another chance to hurt me again.
My heart is hesitant
I don’t know if I’m to carry on
Should I let it in
Is it really here to soothe me
That yesterday still feels like today

Where my heart was shredded in silence
Every emotions of that moments still rings aloud
Why is love so hard.
The same hesitating heart is beating again.
So loud that others can see and hear.
Cheeks are blushing, Eyes are radiating.
Despite these uncontrollable show of emotions.
I don’t know if I’m ready to
Ready to dive in again
But the fear of the piercing pain,
Even bullets doesn’t take that long
Pains caused from arrows grows numb with time
This pain doesn’t, it won’t even yield to time
It’s still as fresh as ever


Author: Ariyo Opeyemi


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Adekeye Oluwatomiwa

I don’t know you, but your description is marvellous. I hope you make the right decision and also find love with happiness.


Thank you…. I feel motivated

Psalmmy Gee

I love this. I’m O.S Psalmmy Gee poetically.

If it’s real, may God intervene. If it’s fictitious, you’re a guru


Thanks ☺️

Olamilekan Oderanti

Good write up sis

Travis J Chord

I love the way you write and if only commit more to it believe me more is coming your way…..FICTION or TRUTH I careless ride on

Abdulganiyu islamiyat

Awwn nice write up bby
Keep it up👍👍


Thanks lovie

Chinonyerem Joe

Very moving work. :'( Your description is wonderful!

Ajinde Precious

I love the way you write keep the ball rolling

Majekodunmi Feyisayo

Hey Lumi you never told me you were this good well for me I love this piece maybe because I don’t really know how to write though 😜😜😜but believe me I’m not easily swiped off my feet. But this one I’ll give it a 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

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