My Desire (Series 3)
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My Desire (Series 3)


Series 3

By Abubakar Balqees opeyemi, 100 level MELL

I was at Zainab’s place when my phone rang. “it’s him” I said and Zainab asked me to ymeet him but Aminat said I should know what to say to him “don’t make the mistake of going out with a stranger” she said.

Aminat is also my friend. Zainab, Aminat and I have been good friends since we were in secondary School. Zainab and I had always wanted to find ourselves rich boyfriends but for Aminat, she is a saint, always advising us to plan our lives well, work on how to establish ourselves, become independent and hand our desires over to Allah.

I picked the call and said “hello handsome” and he reciprocated with “hey babe, how was ur nyt?” he asked and I said “smooth, how was yours?”
“I spent most of my night thinking about an angel I met yesterday. I watched her for a minute and found thousand things that makes me happy in her. So I couldn’t sleep at first. And when I finally slept off, I saw that same angel again smiling at me and while I tried moving closer to her, look into her eyes and tell her how beautiful she is, she disappeared” he said romantically

At that point I found myself smiling, his words were melting my heart and I asked him why the angel would disappear when he wanted to touch her.

He continued by saying “the angel disappeared because she wants me to see her in real life, look into her eyes again and say whatever it is that I wanted to tell her in my dream”

I laughed, but he continued “I’ve decided to call that angel now to find out when I can see her in real life”

I smiled and said “that angel is also lounging to see you, she just need you to decide the time and place to meet”
“Should I just come and pick you up” he asked “why not, just give me some minutes, I will call you when I’m ready” I promised and he replied ‘OK’ before we ended the call.

I felt so elated, I told my friends everything he said and Zainab immediately encouraged me. “baby girl, go get dressed” while Aminat asked “now that you have decided to go out with him, where will you tell mom you are going?”

“Don’t worry, I will help you out, just go home and dress up” Zainab answered.
Aminat’s phone rang and she left me and Zainab to receive the call outside. I wondered why going out because, it was unusual of her but I wasn’t bothered much as I was busy planning on how to dress well and look beautiful in the sight of Abdulqodri.

On my way home, I couldn’t stop thinking about how my outing with a rich guy would be. I kept remembering everything he said when he called and I couldn’t stop smiling.

“As salamu aleikum” I heard from behind. “Waleikum salam” I answered, turning back to see who it was and to my great surprise, it was Salman. “You again?” I shouted at him and he said “please…” I didn’t bother to listen to what he had to say before I made my way out on him.

“Who is this Salman and what did he want from me?” I continue asking myself rhetorically

Why do you think Salman continues to disturb me?

To be continued…

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