Not just yet

Not just yet

  • Post published:February 9, 2020
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She’s on the sidewalk and he’s in a jeep
He’s sketching a fountain and a river deep
While she’s jogging up a hill steep
At the stage of life where she’s about taking a leap
They’ll go down winding roads until their story begins

Maybe they’ll hit boulders shaped like hearts in form of people with which they have been

Loves they thought were true but not at all
Perhaps they’ll meet in the curve of a valley
Of shared dismay and pain, not a ball
Together they’ll sail with their Anchor on this sea
Of life’s tumult and trials and tests
But they do not know yet

Exclusive to Unilorites!!!

and everybody in Ilorin

They do not know yet of the rickety house in which
God will bless them with a boy and encircle their niche
Of the lady close by and the man with the smile wide
Who will try their little family to divide
They do not know yet that they will overcome
And go through stages where they feel like sore thumbs
Their Maker will make all things new for His love
He’ll guide them and guard them, from Heaven above
Their daughters will be clever but gentle as doves
They’ll each learn the moments when push comes to shove

° ° °

The path stretches onward in time’s golden reel
Their future, full of love is bound in a seal
Both paths will merge and they will unite
At a crossroads of wonder and friendship and light

But right now they’re seated in houses miles apart
Learning their own selves, perfecting their arts
One day they will meet, not just yet
On a Valentine’s Day, they will never forget

©Chinonyerem Nwachi, 08139787919

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