Opinion: Endtime 2020

Opinion: Endtime 2020

  • Post published:April 12, 2020
  • Post category:Lifestyle

You really don’t think the end is near, do you? The end time the Bible prophesied about, you’re still careless of your life. Don’t you see the signs, pandemic? Rumors of war? The reality of antichrist? Oh, you say it’s life happening, I say go check your Bible, eew, when last did you even open that Bible, see! It looks so dusty and rusty, so yeah check for the signs of the end time.

‘Jesus is coming soon’ is gradually becoming a reality. Deep down in you, you know that fact but you don’t seem to relate everything together, you are being pitied. Chips or what do they call it ‘vaccines’ has been implanted in people already, don’t you see it? Have you heard of ‘666’ the mark of the beast, where you get tortured if you don’t have it, does it make sense to you? The Bible is more current than in tomorrow’s newspaper. You know the joy you get to have this trying times, you have God and the Bible, the Bible says the antichrist won’t be revealed and his reign won’t start until rapture has taken place, that is the great tribulation where you pay with your blood because you took Jesus’s free blood for granted.

But right now, we are hearing of the chip implants why? And it’s scaring people, let me tell you this don’t be scared the chips will ‘self-destruct’. That is because the devil wants to run ahead of his time, the Bible clearly stated that the mark of the beast will be revealed after the rapture, not before the rapture, the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night when you least expect, so live life now according to how God wants you to, not how you want to, because anytime, just anytime, the trumpet will be blown.

All you need do is ask God for forgiveness and accept He died on the cross and He rose again. Dear, don’t condemn you, God is not heartless, yeah, you may be the most terrible person living but trust me, God has more than a large heart, He wants you to come to Him, He’s been waiting for so long, He loves you and He only needs a fraction of that love from you.
Hey you! You don’t believe there is God, but I need you to know, there’s a greater force controlling the universe, just look around, you’ll see.

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