President Buhari’s speech is another farce of shameless confusions and irresponsibilities! – AAC

President Buhari’s speech is another farce of shameless confusions and irresponsibilities! – AAC

  • Post published:April 28, 2020
  • Post category:News

(Being the press text of the African Action Congress (AAC)

Nigerians must have seen that the recent speech of President Buhari is a rehearsal of obvious irresponsibility and conscious disdain for the true realities of people’s pains and democratic citizenship. 

President Buhari and the APC only delayed us to listen to a speech that says nothing new; correctly analyse pertinent challenges; nor resolves the bloody problems afflicting the people. Buhari has nothing to say specifically about palliatives neither did he have anything to say or do about the fact that hunger virus and Military bullets kills more than the corona virus.

Only the business friends of government and private profiteers are only being catered by the so-called CBN loans to the small and medium enterprises. It has been clear so far that informal workers and traders never get to benefit from such loans. Neither is the public aware of clear modalities about such loans.

The speech is a register of promises of nothing tangible! It is a mirror of the confused state of the government and the fact that no lessons are being learnt. This government is consciously deaf and dumb to the fact that many Nigerians are tired of dying of mass hunger under a pandemic. The Kano case is a mishmash of corona and hunger virus!

AAC calls on Nigerians to continue the #PotPanProtest to peacefully and resiliently reject the wickedness of this fascist set up.
Our demands are clear and we will restate it despite the continued theatre of impunity by the Buhari/APC government. 

  • *We say No Palliatives No Lockdown!
  • Pay #100,000 Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) to all adult Nigerians in Lagos, Ogun, FCT, and Kano. 
  • Pay at least #150,000 hazard allowances to all health workers now!
  • For #FreeStandardHealthCareForAll *For a government that will take back all the social and economic resources to the millions of working-class people instead of a few rich. 

We warn that no one should take a government that prefers to lead like jokers serious. Nothing good can come out of the Jerusalem of this greedy band of rulers. Neither is nothing exemplary to be expected from the Mecca of these bunch of anti-logic looters! Lets unite and fight. A people united can never be defeated!

Oshioks Philips,

National Organizing Secretary.

Monday 27th April, 2020.

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