Procrastination Poem

Procrastination Poem

  • Post published:May 28, 2020
  • Post category:Poetry
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The reasons for these sorrows?
Asking what I can execute today,
Or postpone till tomorrow,
Yet will it come again my way,
And do I lead myself astray?

While others are busy planting,
You are busy sleeping,
You only adjourn your crying,
Till when others are harvesting.
What will now be your gain?

You’re busy playing
While others are reading
What will you have to say?
At the very end of the day?
Who will you then have to blame?

Procrastination is bad,
The outcome is always sad,
Always do your best,
Unto God you leave the rest,
What have you got to lose?

Leaving what I can do today,
Will tomorrow be too late?
Opportunity comes not everyday,
How best to use a day at any rate,
To like an eagle soar high?

N.B: Procrastination wastes precious time. It is the greatest enemy of success. “Tomorrow will I live, the poor does say; tomorrow itself is too late, the wise lived yesterday” said Martial Epicurus. The wise person does in the beginning what the fool does in the end.

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