• Post published:December 31, 2019
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I hear this is now an allegation of domestic abuse

It’s funny ’cause If my memory serves me right you sent your luck out so I could come in

You begged for my touch, not minding that I was born way beforeOct 1st became your birthday

My Job was to handle your Federal services, and that I did

I fucked you so well using an anti-depravity condom

As if that wasn’t enough, there was the anti-corruptionbill pill

And if you ever by chance got pregnant and fatter than I wanted

I would abort any plan to birth an untimely Sowore

We went to renew our vows in February, remember?

Why would you agree to go back to the altar with this wife-beater?

I say this is a case of misplaced animosity

Of course I had to sheath myself from the countless STIs you must have been exposed to

You say I’m aged and weak? Well I am, and I’d very much like to die of natural causes thank you

Not your disease-ridden genitals You slut!

You say you don’t want multiple partners

But you’ve spent only a maximum of 8 years with each of your numerous political lovers,

 and for what?A poorly-targeted cumshot of premature policieswhile still on all fours

You have enjoyed ‘freedom of dick-riding’ ever since you’ve been democratically deflowered.

What’s your deal with the old ones anyways, you gerontophilic nymphomaniac.

I’m not getting any younger so I’ve met with my successor

I wish you would treat this issue like you would sanitary products

But since you’ve made this electoral process a reuse and recycle

He’ll be here in 3 years to continue the sex marathon, but until then …

Your periodic cycle continues

You point nipples at your worst enemies but break every mirror in sight

There’s two holes to every story and I’d want you to see through mine

I think I just gave this table an orgasm

…ade (ssa to the president onxxx matters)


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