Sunset on Valentine’s day

Sunset on Valentine’s day

  • Post published:February 4, 2020
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Gone are those days!! Gone I say!! when I had to stay alone, ears plugged, blocking out the world and drowning myself in overwhelming loneliness. Gone and never to be revisited are the times when I had to sit at the window in the red and white dress I bought myself, watching as dawn transformed to dusk on Valentine’s day. I never thought myself to be someone that could ever fall in love, I didn’t know what it felt like, loneliness had always been my acolyte for what seemed to me like forever, well that was till I met Dave.

Dave my dear, is everything I could ever dream of, a perfect blend of sugar and spice. He gave me friendship, pure and true friendship and then love came crawling in, step by step, concealed, slowly but steadily until its gentler ray breathed forth a light, illuminating my world.
He loves me with a love that is more than love, a love far stronger than the love of those older than we are or wiser than we are.

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and everybody in Ilorin

Dave understands my every need, my every thought, action, and reaction; true love understands. There’ve been times when I did things irrationally, out of anger and irritation but he never let me go; true love is patient. We are always transparent and open to each other’s corrections and advice; true love speaks the truth at all times irrespective of how bitter it might be. True love encourages. True love is not selfish. At the times when I was in pain and in need, when depression, failure, and frustration set in, he was right there; true love is kind. And there were times when we tried to stay away from each other, but it never worked, we always keep coming back to each other; true love never dies.

The sun was slowly setting, over the hills so far away, filling all the land with beauty, at the close of valentine’s day. My man and me, his maiden fair, sat on the grass so green, watching the calm sea, enjoying the peaceful scene, twinned in each other’s arms as we let the peaceful silence sweep over us and the last rays kissed our foreheads.

Author: AB writes, 09035599810

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