The Bank Job by Ade

The Bank Job by Ade

  • Post published:April 30, 2020
  • Post category:Books

The theme of the drama would be REDEMPTION. It attempts to establish, in two stories, the large possibility of redemption for even the most wayward of individuals.

On the other hand, it also addresses cases of ‘buried pasts’ in the sense that it takes the audience on a journey to the past with the protagonist in search of closure – for the character and the audience at large.

The play, while it tries to hold on to its genre of action for as long as possible before hitting a tragedy, also tries to bring together – in one single plot – the trials of individuals still entangled in what they would later come to refer to as their ‘past lives’ and those individuals who have moved on in a manner of speaking, but are yet to negotiate in clear terms of an agreement between themselves, the present and their exhuming past.

Set in modern-day Nigeria, the writer subtly addresses some common prevalent instances in this west African country while also infusing a few words from the native language of Yoruba into the dialogues.

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A nicely written piece, talks about very crucial topics in our society. I would love to read more of your works


What a really heart touching story. A very interesting story filled with so many lessons to learn. I love it.


Great storyline, excellent message to pass across. I love it.


I really enjoyed the story. Nice one


Thank You guys!


Amazing work by the publisher and the writer I was really encapsulated by the plot and storyline of the book .. great job


I love the book..the story is very very very interesting
I love the suspense, the drama and the thriller
Also I love how he used the Nigeria slangs, makes it more appealing..

Short story with a lot of lessons!!