The kind of guy I love

The kind of guy I love

  • Post published:February 6, 2020
  • Post category:AWWC / Poetry
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The kind of guy I love
Has smile as bright as the sun, calm as the cloud,
rough-soft like the painter’s brush that rushes
through the skin of the coarse bricks.

The kind of guy I love,
Has a skin soft as silk, sleek like silk,
makes me seek feelings that make me sick.
And like the shimmering shining sun,
gives me tingling sensations in my skin.

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and everybody in Ilorin

The kind of guy I love,
Cute, flawless, without guilt,
Lips full too much like the bloom of the full moon,
With color rivaled to that of the brightest one from the rainbow.
That guy without a raincoat, will give out his coat,
with prior knowledge of the thread of the rain’s cane,
but he gained the thread of “what we do for love”.

But the guy I loved, gave love, lied,
made me cried, made me dizzy, giddy, silly,
I felt loosely played for he came with an ‘A’ list of the kind of guy I love,
Turns out he was a lover of any art in a skirt, shirt, knickers, even sneakers.
I called him sneaker-head for he would sneak into a room
next to mine to sneak a peek at the waistline of a waist that is not mine,
Isn’t it a waste to wait for that guy?
So I moved to my next kind of guy,
The kind that I love.

Author: SlyBash, 09030499725

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Nice work

Gunwa Hannah

😘😘 sweet


This is 😍😍


Nice one

Dimeji jnr

It’s amazing🤩

Sulyman Moyin

I’m honored 💞

Oladele Samuel

A strong work of feeling expression. Nice work.

Sulyman Moyin

Thanks bro


Hmmm, kudos girl