The Story of The Dead by Ajide Faithful

The Story of The Dead by Ajide Faithful

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The story of the dead

Choices, choices, choices

The persons we are today are as a result of the choices we made

You made yours and I made mine

You chose to live and I chose to die

You chose to read and I chose to write

I never wanted this

I had dreams, I had ambitions

I had hope, I had a future

Six years in basic another six in the high

Two years I waited frustrated, impatient and confused

I waited for the supposed examination body to determine the right path for my talent to be used

My parents believed the only way I could make it was for me to be schooled

Don’t waste your youth, they said

Don’t end up begging your mates for food the explained

With the fear of failure, the phobia of being a neophyte in the school of riches

I conceded, I submitted to their lopsided way of thinking

I decided to waste four years of my life in a place where I was not needed

Where the so called exam body decided I would be useful to the society

I accepted my fate, I would try my best to finish with good grades to make my parents proud

So during my convocation they could party aloud

The first year went by, I made a ludicrous attempt to meet up with the standard expected

The screams of my subconscious telling me I didn’t belong were neglected

The second and third went in a hazy succession

My subconscious accepted his fate in fast conniption

My final year finally came

I knew I would soon be emancipated

Freed from this prison I accepted

I did all was necessary but I refused to greet a man

And he decided my life were was in his hands

My project was declined

I plagiarized, that was my offence

What else could I have done?

The prison refused to let me go

So I decided my life was in my hands

And I would give it back to him who made me go through all these trials

This is my story.

Author: Ajide Faithful.


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