Vantage Point: Podcast by Oluwatosin, Episode Three – Chat your way into her heart.

Vantage Point: Podcast by Oluwatosin, Episode Three – Chat your way into her heart.

No one is assured on how life works. All we all have is ideas and a hope that things will work out. Here I discuss with guests on how they view life. We discuss life from different Perspectives. THIS IS VANTAGE POINT.

Listen to Podcast here. You can request for audio download in the comment section below, after listening.

Is she not taking you serious. You can’t maintain a conversation with a girl without her getting bored or losing interest. In this new episode I drop tips on how to keep her hooked and interested. Chat your way into her heart!

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Actually,you are right.


Thank you very much
I’m glad I am right.
Thanks for the comment they make my day.


Lol.. I stan with these tips😂
So true..
I lose interest when a guy goes all “sexual” on a first meeting..
There was this time, a guy chatting with me for the very first time did that and I tried correcting him but then he “killed” me by saying ” we are just getting naughty”😂😂
Like I don’t even know you..

Thanks Oluwatosin for sharing this and I am definitely sharing it too

I hope guys would listen and learn from this

We await the next episode of tips 🤗


Thank you so much Tolulope for this amazing comment. I think it is a problem of self confidence when guys do that. I appreciate your comment please keep listening and sharing


I do agree with it but I don’t agree with the “am bored gist me” I ask my friend that questions or I pick someone just to ask and know what up.


Thank you for the amazing comment ANN
I just used that as an example
The point I was trying to pass was that guys should try and be sensitive.
Please keep listening and keep commenting. I really appreciate that.
You could message me for direct notifications of new episodes


Why does this episode feel so short!!! Can’t wait till the next…


Thank you so much for your beautiful comment
I also can’t wait for the next episode.
Please keep listening and keep commenting