Why you (students) hate school but like education

Why you (students) hate school but like education

There was a time you had probably been eager to get out there on your first day at school. Whether it was about to rain, snow, and even if there was an apocalypse beckoning you still wanted to have that experience. Then what now happened to you. Why are you scared? disappointed inside the chock-full wall of the school.

Why do you hate school?
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You love education, everybody does. You have to be educated to carry out basic kinds of stuff in life like speaking, writing, and reading. But school which is defined as a place of learning is your problem. Many reasons could be discussed here and we wouldn’t be able to dive deep into the depth of that hatred. First of all, congrats on your perseverance and your love for education. Now let’s see

You just can’t seem to fit in

You made it into school. Everything seemed to be going fine at the beginning and lo the stress started kicking in. The 8 to 4 lectures for three days a week. Clock-like lecturers breathing on your neck and various scholars intimidating you. You wanted to learn but the hall is always packed with either students or bags. The lecturer drops this bulky material and there is no adequate explanation. This was different from what school portrayed and you resulted in “School is a scam” Trust me, I am not debunking that.

You have the right to hate it if you do but you know what? It will never stop a determined heart from learning. You just have to fit in. You have to shape it into what you want and john doe, go for a triangle; Stability. It’s only for some years. You are in it already. It’s best if you do it well. School is not your friend, just a sparring partner.

You only went there because it’s a society standard

“You have to get that certificate before you can be a standard citizen,” says your parent. You just can’t help but fulfill your parent’s dreams and so you fight through not with your passion but that of your parent which never will be surmountable in producing that ounce of interest for you to love school the way it is. If you are reading this and it is speaking directly to you. Do as your heart says, but make sure it is in the right place. Don’t let your end be stories that touch.

3. You went there because of your friend

4. You went there because of love

5. You were bored and looking for an excitement


You might hate school but there are still millions of people out who are rooting for it. It’s your perspective and I am not saying that is wrong. But if you will hate it, it’s either you fight through it or drop out. I am still in school. I hate it but I am in it to win it.

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