With open arms

With open arms

  • Post published:February 1, 2020
  • Post category:AWWC / Poetry

With open arms we welcomed them
In shackles, they dragged us out of our lands

Like Kings we welcomed them, but as slaves, they took us away.

When are we going to realize we are like pawns on a chessboard used against ourselves?

Exclusive to Unilorites!!!

and everybody in Ilorin

When are we going to realize, we shouldn’t be fighting against ourselves, but rather we should be unifying ourselves?

It is normal to have a brotherly fight but it never okay to remain enemies as brothers.

It’s time we wake up and think outside the crowd, think outside the circle and break free from this mental slavery and from the shackles that hold us bound.

Africa, it’s time for us to win.

Author: Kris, 09032743921

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